Vision 2020: Reordering Chaos for Global Survival

Laszlo, Ervin 1932-
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The author of numerous articles on complexity theory, technologies, new media communications, and consciousness, he spends his time between Andalusia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Vision : Reordering Chaos for Global Survival.

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If things grow on as before, tomorrow it would be fully choked and we would all be dead. The download Vision Reordering Chaos for is not read. Information 9 systems, processes, and operations add their indeed, innovative and form a vision for own sources of friction and fog to the integrating doctrine, tactics, training, supporting operational environment. Q, Envisioning the Census. Please exit us if you think this is a jacket attitude.

Ervin Laszlo. The vision of the year Laszlo sketches is not a science fiction account of a technological utopia, nor is it the doomsday world pictured by pessimists.


Laszlo argues for a holistic approach to education, the environment, and political economic systems and shows what is involved in reaching it, and how people today can take an active and positive part in growing toward it. Of greater importance is the development of doctrine, organizations, training and education, leaders, and people that effectively take advantage of the technology. The evolution of these elements over the next two decades will be strongly influenced by two factors.

First, the continued development and proliferation of information technologies will substantially change the 3 Strategic Context Three aspects of the world of have capabilities at a relatively low cost. We should significant implications for the US Armed not expect opponents in to fight with Forces. Our advantage have global interests and be engaged with a must, therefore, come from leaders, people, variety of regional actors.

Transportation, doctrine, organizations, and training that enable communications, and information technology us to take advantage of technology to achieve will continue to evolve and foster expanded superior warfighting effectiveness. Our security and economic interests, ies to adapt as our capabilities evolve.

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We as well as our political values, will provide the have superior conventional warfighting impetus for engagement with international capabilities and effective nuclear deterrence partners. In the face of such strong capabilities, military operations in any part of the world, to the appeal of asymmetric approaches and the operate with multinational forces, and to focus on the development of niche capabilities coordinate military operations, as necessary, will increase.

By developing and using ap- with government agencies and proaches that avoid US strengths and exploit international organizations. We will not necessarily sustain a wide technological advantage over our adversaries in all areas. Increased availability of commercial satellites, digital communications, and the public internet all give adversaries new 4 different methods of operation, adversaries will operational, or strategic level by identifying key attempt to create conditions that effectively vulnerabilities and devising asymmetric delay, deter, or counter the application of US concepts and capabilities to strike or exploit military capabilities.

To complicate matters, our adversaries may pursue a combination of asymmetries, or The potential of such asymmetric approaches is perhaps the most serious danger the United States may face a number of the United States faces in the immediate adversaries who, in combination, create an future — and this danger includes long-range asymmetric threat.

These asymmetric threats ballistic missiles and other direct threats to US are dynamic and subject to change, and the US citizens and territory.

Joint Vision 2020

The asymmetric methods Armed Forces must maintain the capabilities and objectives of an adversary are often far necessary to deter, defend against, and defeat more important than the relative technological any adversary who chooses such an approach. An adversary may pursue an able to achieve full spectrum dominance.

For the joint project power worldwide in order to achieve force of the future, this goal will be achieved full spectrum dominance. Achieving full spectrum dominance means through full spectrum dominance — the ability of US forces, operating unilaterally or in the joint force will fulfill its primary purpose — combination with multinational and interagency victory in war, as well as achieving success partners, to defeat any adversary and control across the full range of operations, but it does any situation across the full range of military not mean that we will win without cost or operations.

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Conflict results in casualties despite our best efforts to minimize them, and will The full range of operations includes maintaining a posture of strategic deterrence. It continue to do so when the force has achieved includes theater engagement and presence full spectrum dominance. Additionally, friction is activities. It includes conflict involving inherent in military operations.

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It envisioned in this document, but the fundamen- also includes those ambiguous situations tal sources of friction cannot be eliminated. We residing between peace and war, such as will win — but we should not expect war in the peacekeeping and peace enforcement opera- future to be either easy or bloodless. The requirement for global operations, tions, as well as noncombat humanitarian relief the ability to counter adversaries who possess operations and support to domestic authorities.

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These challenges en route to achieving full spectrum challenges will require a Total Force composed dominance. Therefore, the process of creating of well-educated, motivated, and competent the joint force of the future must be flexible — to people who can adapt to the many demands of react to changes in the strategic environment future joint missions. The transformation of the and the adaptations of potential enemies, to joint force to reach full spectrum dominance take advantage of new technologies, and to rests upon information superiority as a key account for variations in the pace of change.

In fact, operational objectives. While the goal including the information itself. Information tempo that allows the force to shape the superiority is transitory in nature and must be situation or react to changes and accomplish its created and sustained by the joint force through mission. Decision superiority does not the conduct of information operations.

However, the creation of information superiority Organizational and doctrinal adaptation, is not an end in itself. It will enhance will increasingly permit us to integrate the combat power and contribute to the success of traditional forms of information operations with noncombat military operations as well.

The but the continued evolution of organizations and development of a concept labeled the global doctrine and the development of relevant information grid will provide the network-centric training to sustain a comparative advantage in environment required to achieve this goal. The the information environment.

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The vision of the year Laszlo sketches is not a science fiction account of a technological utopia, nor is it the doomsday world pictured by pessimists. Buy Vision Reordering Chaos for Global Survival 1 by Ervin Laszlo (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free.

Information 9 systems, processes, and operations add their indeed, innovative and form a vision for own sources of friction and fog to the integrating doctrine, tactics, training, supporting operational environment. Information activities, and technology into new operational superiority is fundamental to the transformation capabilities.

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The innovations that determine of the operational capabilities of the joint force. The breadth and pace of this continuous learning — a means of interaction evolution demands flexibility and a readiness to and exchange that evaluates goals, operational innovate.

The Services and combatant Joint Vision identified technologi- commands must allow our highly trained and cal innovation as a vital component of the skilled professionals the opportunity to create transformation of the joint force. Throughout new concepts and ideas that may lead to future the industrial age, the United States has relied breakthroughs. We must foster the innovations upon its capacity for technological innovation to necessary to create the joint force of the future succeed in military operations, and the need to — not only with decisions regarding future do so will continue.

It is important, however, to versus present force structure and budgets, but broaden our focus beyond technology and also with a reasonable tolerance for errors and capture the importance of organizational and failures in the experimentation process. We conceptual innovation as well.

In reality, it may result from battlefield success. However, an experimenta- fielding completely new things, or the tion process with a low tolerance for error imaginative recombination of old things in new makes it unlikely that the force will identify and ways, or something in between.

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The ideas in nurture the most relevant and productive JV as carried forward in JV are, aspects of new concepts, capabilities, and 10 technology. All individuals and organizations of joint operations — which means the Armed charged with experimentation in support of the Forces must explore changes in doctrine, evolution of our combat forces must ensure that organization, training, materiel, leadership and our natural concern for husbanding resources education, personnel, and facilities as well as and ultimately delivering successful results technology.

Ultimately, the goal is to develop does not prevent us from pursuing innovations reasonable approaches with enough flexibility with dramatic if uncertain potential. There is, of course, a high degree of uncertainty inherent in the pursuit of innovation.