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Switch to new thesaurus. Crotalus cerastes , horned rattlesnake. Crotalus , genus Crotalus - large rattlesnakes; seldom bite unless startled or pursuing prey. Mentioned in? Crotalus Crotalus cerastes genus Crotalus Horned rattler horned rattlesnake missile rattler rattlesnake reptile side. References in periodicals archive? Together with Sidewinder and production from Cheal, TAG's daily production will increase substantially by the end of fiscal Q2, ," Mr. As a sidewinder slithers upward on increasingly steep slopes, it doesn't press deeper and deeper as might be expected. Snakes tutor robot on dune climbing: sidewinders reveal strategy for traversing a sandy slope.

Consistent with the original four Sidewinder discovery wells drilled in the field to date, both wells encountered similar quality reservoir sands within the Mt.

The tendered shares plus units that will be contributed under various agreements will put Sidewinder in possession of about Sidewinder hails success in Union Drilling tender offer. The Sidewinders: most versatile team in the desert. We are confident that Avista's financial resources and experience, together with the Sidewinder team's operational and commercial expertise, will enable Sidewinder to quickly establish itself as a world-class drilling contractor and valuable partner to its customers.

The Sidewinder is O-ring sealed, has a tether attachment on the tail cap making for a light hard to lose and hard to break--a good feature for the military and us civilian pukes alike. The subsequent AIM-9M "Mike" has the all-aspect capability of the L model while providing all-around higher performance. The M model has improved capability against infrared countermeasures , enhanced background discrimination capability, and a reduced-smoke rocket motor. These modifications increase its ability to locate and lock-on to a target and decrease the chance of missile detection.

Deliveries of the initial AIM-9M-1 began in The AIM-9X concept is to use reprogrammable software to permit upgrades without disassembly. The Navy began development of AIM-9R, a Sidewinder seeker upgrade in that featured a focal-plane array FPA seeker using video-camera type charge-coupled device CCD detectors and featuring increased off-boresight capability.

The technology at the time was restricted to visual daylight use only and the USAF did not agree on this requirement, preferring another technology path. AIM-9R reached flight test stage before it was cancelled and subsequently both services agreed to a joint development of the AIM-9X variant. China Lake developed an improved compressed carriage control configuration titled BOA.

The BOA design reduced size of control surfaces, eliminating the rollerons, and returned to simple forward-canard design. Meanwhile, the Air Force was pursuing a parallel effort to develop a compressed carriage version of Sidewinder, called Boxoffice, for the F Congress eventually insisted the services work on a joint effort resulting in the AIM-9M, thereby compromising without exploring the improved off boresight and kinematic capability potential offered by Agile.

At that point, the Soviet Union took the lead in SRM technology and correspondingly fielded improved infrared countermeasures IRCM to defeat or reduce the effectiveness of the latest Sidewinders. The first draft of the requirement was ready by and the primary competitors were Raytheon and Hughes.


Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System , and a totally new three-dimensional thrust-vectoring control TVC system providing increased turn capability over traditional control surfaces. Though not part of the original requirement, AIM-9X demonstrated potential for a Lock-on After Launch capability, allowing for possible internal use for the F , F Raptor and even in a submarine-launched configuration for use against ASW platforms. Objectives of the operational test were due to be completed by the third quarter of In February , the U. The USN projected that the new missile would have a 60 percent longer range, modern components to replace old ones, and an insensitive munitions warhead, which is more stable and less likely to detonate by accident, making it safer for ground crews.


Modifying the AIM-9X was seen as a cost-effective alternative to developing a new missile in a time of declining budgets. To achieve the range increase, the rocket motor would have a combination of increased performance and missile power management. A version for the U. In this configuration an operator sat in a protected capsule that was incorporated into the launcher assembly that rotated as an integrated unit.

The Chaparral was introduced into service in and remained an integral part of the Army's air defense network until The Sidewinder was also the basis for the AGMA Sidearm anti-radiation missile utilizing an AIM-9C guidance section modified to detect and track a radiating ground-based air defense system radar. The target-detecting device is modified for air-to-surface use, employing forward hemisphere acquisition capability. Sidearm stocks have apparently been expended, and the weapon is no longer in the active inventory. China Lake experimented with Sidewinders in the air-to-ground mode including use as an anti-tank weapon.

Starting from , the AIM-9X demonstrated its ability as a successful light air-to-ground missile. This project developed to use by attack helicopters and ground launchers. Under the High Altitude Project, engineers at China Lake mated a Sidewinder warhead and seeker to a Sparrow rocket motor to experiment with usefulness of a larger motor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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March Archived PDF from the original on 24 September Retrieved 15 July Sidewinder Invention and Early Years. The China Lake Museum Foundation.

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Archived from the original on 3 February Retrieved 2 February Archived from the original on 9 February PLoS Biology. In Benecke, T; Quick, A eds.

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Sidewinder may refer to: Crotalus cerastes, a venomous pit-viper species found in the southwestern United States; Bitis peringueyi, a venomous adder species. The sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes), also known as the horned rattlesnake and sidewinder rattlesnake, is a venomous pit viper species belonging to the genus.

History of German Guided Missiles Development. Archived from the original on Retrieved Air-Britain Digest.


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Babcock, Elizabeth A concise record of the development of the original Sidewinder version and the central people involved in its design. McCarthy, Donald J. Air Victories in Vietnam —

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