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Why the Best Revenge is Living Well
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Living Well Is the Best Revenge

The additional section at the end of the book on Gerald Murphy's art an update from the earlier published article-length account is particularly interesting, having just come across it for the first time in the fictionalised account presented in Klaussmann's 'Villa America'. Dec 05, Lisa Manke rated it really liked it. A nice peek into a true-life golden age couple.

Very straight--forward recounting of the Murphy's lives in Europe. Saved by the section on Gerald Murphy's paintings. Mar 23, Renata rated it liked it. This book is well written and gives some insight, but not as much as I had hoped for Nov 14, P. Lazos rated it really liked it. I read a dog-eared copy my sister gave me, complete with grainy black and white photos yellowed with age, but maintaining their exquisite aura.

Upon arriving in France and looking for a creative outlet, Gerald and Sarah aligned themselves with a dance troupe at a local theatre.

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Gerald, a landscape architect, soon branches out and takes painting lessons, proving to be remarkably adept. From to , he produced fourteen works, about one per year only seven have survived , every one a unique modernistic masterpiece. The Murphys, in fact, were the character study for more than a few scenes in various Fitzgerald novels.

They threw wonderful parties, not big, but with great attention to detail, and had an eye for trends. They were always available for their friends, even the crazy, prodigal Fitzgeralds who were both a mess on more than a few levels. The couple was so inviting, Picasso often brought his aged mother.

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Unfortunately, when their son, Patrick was diagnosed with tuberculosis, eventually dying after years of battling the disease, and their son, Boath contracted meningitis and died, strangely enough, two years before Patrick, the light seemed to go out in the Murphys. Gerald stopped painting, Sarah became withdrawn, the well part of living was over.

Oct 11, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: biography-autobiography , favorites.

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Have you ever known people who did everything well, and in such a new, interesting way that it inspired you to live differently and better? This short, exquisite biography of Gerald and Sara Murphy serves to extend the enigma that they took with them everywhere they lived.

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At under pages, it is only a taste of their story, but it was written in following a series of interviews with them and their friends, so it paints a rather different and more poignant picture than Vaill's Have you ever known people who did everything well, and in such a new, interesting way that it inspired you to live differently and better? If you don't know the Murphys, perhaps you should: if you enjoy F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Picasso, Cole Porter, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, or indeed any of the expatriate writers, artists, musicians and dancers who flourished in s Paris, the Murphys are the common thread who connected them all.

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About a decade older than their young creative friends, they created a milieu of stability, kindness, and understanding cherished by the younger set, many of whom did not enjoy the support of their families in chasing their creative dreams. The Murphys' excellent taste, style, and indeed their relationship itself inspired novels stories, paintings, dances, and the lives of those around them.

In turn, the Murphys truly enjoyed being surrounded by the creative energy of their young friends; their children grew up entertained by the most interesting people of the age. Without the Murphys' influence, it's hard to imagine how Paris in the s would have had much significance at all. Many of the creative friendships were forged at their Paris atelier or in their home on the Cap d'Antibes, which they made fashionable by attracting the Paris set to the seaside for summers.

They lived this idyllic life until tuberculosis struck their youngest, Patrick; they then moved the party to his sanatorium, where all the greats visited and kept up the Murphys' spirits for the long 18 months of treatment. After his release, they enjoyed a few more years of good health; the stock market then crashed, many expats could no longer afford Paris, and little Patrick relapsed and died.

Their older son Baoth died shortly after from a brief illness at boarding school, and the Murphys moved home with their daughter to New York. Gerald returned to work at his father's company, making Mark Cross into a successful Park Avenue enterprise through deploying his unique taste and aesthetic; despite his indifference, the business enjoyed unprecedented profit. The book has a generous inset of family album photos which you are unlikely to see elsewhere. The Murphys' prolific photography reminds one of Facebook with all the candid shots of people having the time of their lives; even in their family album, they are decades ahead of their time.

Tellingly, the album ends abruptly with their return to New York City.

The quote which haunts me most is an exchange between Gerald and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and perhaps explains best why the Murphys resonate with me: "I remember saying to him that for me, only the invented part of life was satisfying, only the unrealistic part. Things happened to you-- sickness, birth, Zelda in Prangins, Patrick in the sanatorium, Father Wiborg's death-- these things were realistic, and you couldn't do anything about them.

I replied that of course I accepted them, but that I didn't feel they were the important things really. Interesting as far as it goes Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway Garald and Sara Murphy pop up in any book about the writers, artists, and American expats living in France in the s, and since I read a lot of those kinds of books, it was good to learn a little more about this couple. This lovely MoMA edition is enhanced by photos although they are a bit small and hard to really see and images of Gerald's paintings.

Mar 30, Andrew Wright rated it liked it Shelves: owned. This fantastic biography kind of ruined Tender is the Night for me. The book is about Gerald and Sara Murphy.

Living Well is the Best Revenge Lyrics

They are notable for having been gracious and amusing hosts of wonderful parties for expats in Paris and the French Riviera between the two World Wars. So what? Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Sergei Diaghilev.

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"Living well is the best revenge." - George Herbert quotes from Introduction: While working on my doctoral dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin, I relaxed by driving about the Hill Country of central.

To put it mildly, they knew some cool people. They were particularly close to the Fitzgeralds and ended up being half the basis for Nicole and Dick Diver in Tender is the Night. Besides that little point of notoriety, Gerald was an oddly avant garde painter whose works look like pop art, but predate Warhol by about 40 years.

I think I read somewhere that most of his paintings were destroyed in a fire. And Sara's correspondence was recently published. It turns out that she, like every other woman in Europe, was having an affair with Picasso in the 20s. Neither am I. Anyway, the simplicity and charm of the Murphys mixed with the chaos of the Fitzgeralds makes for a convoluted, thought beautiful book.

But this honest look at all of them is pretty good. Jul 21, Nguyen Santiago rated it really liked it Shelves: biogs-and-memoir. They were the inspiration, for the most part, for Fitzgerald's main characters in his novel "Tender Is The Night", and decided early on not to live their lives like ordinary people do, but to have an imaginative life of their own creation.

This book is full of some wild stories about them and all of the people I've mentioned above.

Why the Best Revenge is Living Well