Energy Efficiency of Server Grids

How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity
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The PUE of companies is now on average fairly close to 2: for each watt used by servers, storage and Internet networks, another Watt is consumed by the cooling systems and the power distribution.


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It is the ratio between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the total energy consumption of the data center and the energy consumed by IT hardware. It is expressed in kilograms of CO2 emitted per kilowatt-hour kWh. The result is a point between 0 and 1. A 0 means the data center does not emit any CO2. Emissions are calculated on the basis of the primary energy used to operate the data center and provide it with electricity. Several avenues are being explored to deal more effectively with the problem: optimizing the utilization of servers, improving the management of power delivery, using more frugal cooling systems etc.

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Ian Millington. Exploring innovative cooling solutions and making existing ones cheaper will become more important in coming years, says Carter. Things are much different in an energy efficient data center. The savings made by hyperscale centres can be seen in their power usage efficiency PUE , defined as the total energy needed for everything, including lights and cooling, divided by the energy used for computing a PUE of 1. Meticulous power performance monitoring and planning is needed because electricity generating capability across Europe is actually falling. Bitcoin could possibly be migrated to a less-energy-intensive blockchain system, says Bevand as Ethereum is planning.

More radically, the members of Green Grid recommend building future data centers in geographical areas rich in renewable energy self-production of electricity or that are naturally cold. Silicon Valley, the location preferred by many start-ups to date and a hot semi-desert area is a glaring example of what not to do. Taxing CO2 emissions in the future might encourage hosting services to focus on these more economical areas.

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