A Golden Ray of Light

12 Rainbow Rays of Light
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Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A Still Small Voice In all of life, in the air, in the gentle breeze, It's always there, a quiet whisper to believe: To guide and to follow, and listen to - Although - the World may sometimes seem confused, Seeming to make no sense to you. Go - Listen - through the noise of the world for a voice that is true.

Many don't hear it, or just don't care to, but Listen to the still small voice; Dare to. Hear it: A still small voice is in the air, In the park, in the home, while traveling: Anywhere, everywhere. Tune in and live; Tune in and follow. Life is far more than A world gone hollow. People have souls, little pieces of God, Anyone can succeed, Yet many still dodge an Inner self who needs The strong, but gentle, Voice of God. The ray is the ray of Peace, devotion, altruism and service. The 7th ray is violet. This is the ray of freedom, forgiveness, compassion, magic, transmutation and purification of karma.

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Around the Great Central Sun are the 7 cosmic rays as seven spheres of Light. Cosmic causal body. After the birth of the soul in the white fire nucleus of the Great Central Sun, the soul travels for a long time through the 7 causal spheres and takes from each sphere the vibrations of the Divine Consciousness. The manifestation of these potentials is the purpose of the soul in the divine Plan. All bodies of a human are on one of seven rays.

go to site The physical, the emotional and the mental bodies have a certain ray. Also the personality has a specific ray.

Upon completion of this program you will:

During the different incarnations, where the rays of the bodies change, the human learns to work with the energies of the different rays. The soul body is on the same ray for many different incarnations. First unconscious and later conscious. By working with the Masters, the Archangels and the Elohim of the seven Rays, who achieved mastery over one of these rays, we can rise the light frequency of that specific ray, remove obstacles of that ray faster, in order to embody our powers and potentials of that ray.

They can help us to get mastery over one ray and therefore to speed up our ascension process.

Encoding the Divine Rays - 12th Ray (Crystalline Gold) - The Energies of Creation Meditation Series

Ascension means to return to the heart of God, our white fire nucleus in the causal body. To accomplish the ascension and become one with the consciousness of the Divine, we need as a disciple on the path of the seven rays, accomplish mastery of all the seven rays. The Elohim are the highest representatives of the 7 Rays of the Divine Consciousness.

The Seven Rays of God and the Vibrational Healing of Virtue

It works really well as it lets the Laws of Grace do its magic. In summer, he treks through the mountains with his rider, a Nez Perce boy named Little Turtle, as he gathers healing plants. Home What Is Channeling? With the Phoenix Healing attunement for Golden Ray all energetic levels are blessed according to Grace. It all starts with YOU. Or as we know it more commonly these days as the nothing before the Big Bang.

They are at the highest level of the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy. Together with the great Cosmic Beings, they have the most high concentration and the highest light frequency. The seven great Elohim and their feminine partners are the biggest creators of the form. Sign in. Go to Cart. Cancel Next.

Accelerate Your Awakening To Cosmic Consciousness

Learn more about the Golden Ray Welcome Emissary Of Golden Light the Great Solar Light Key attunement process, and your Golden Merkaba is. Golden Ray Energy of Soul Chakra brings physical man to I Am awareness and understanding of Oneness as everything is the ONE MIND of all creation.

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The Golden Ray of Truth

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